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  I had not had a colonoscopy in 5 years and it was time for me to do a search for a new doctor because I was no longer a member of Kaiser Hospital. I was not looking forward to this because in the 80's I had worked for a medical laboratory and on a daily basis I use to visit some 40 doctors a day and got to see these doctors and their staff with shall I say, their hair down...meaning, we became fast friends and I got to see the real person that few patients got to see. Sometimes what I saw made me sick and even today I'm very suspicious of most doctors and there motives behind their practice.

So after doing a Google search I came up with Dr. Choi, made an appointment with his office and let me say here that all the money in the world couldn't get me to lie about what I'm about to say. This doctor has some of the most professional people working for him that I have ever come into contact with in the medical profession. Doctor Choi  himself is a very caring and professional person even to people like me with no medical insurance at the moment. Got that, from what I've seen in my past this is truly a dedication that you will hardly get to see in this day and age...


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 Dr. Paul Choi, M.D. is fantastic! I made an appointment over the phone for the consultation. The appointment was scheduled within less than a week. Once I got to the appointment, I waited only a very short time before one of his staff came to get me and asked me all the relevant questions. As she took notes, she was very detailed in writing down everything that I thought was important. On the day of the procedure, my wait was only a few minutes before I was brought in to be prepped. Everything went like clockwork. It was fast and the staff was very friendly and efficient. Afterwards, Dr. Choi explained my results in detail and was the most patient and thorough doctor I have ever had. He answered all of my questions and I could see that he was top-notch in his expertise. This was the best experience that I have ever had with a doctor and his staff. I highly recommend him to everyone. The quality of care that he provides is unmatched.


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 I could not have chosen a better doctor! Dr. Choi clearly knows what he is doing and talking about and he showed a genuine interest and concern about my medical issues. He is very caring and has an extremely receptive staff as well. Highly recommended!


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 I simply cannot say enough good things about him. If you have a stomach issue, just go see him. He will take care of you, guaranteed!!!


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  I recently had an upper endoscopy done here. Dr Choi and his staff are friendly and made me feel comfortable during my entire stay at their office. Overall they were courteous and professional and I would recommend their services to my family and friends.


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 Dr. Choi and his staff are great. I needed an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy. As I don't have insurance and I'm not rich I have no idea what I would have done without Dr. Choi.


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 I was very impressed with the affordable price of the colonoscopy and the efficiency of the staff at the Endoscopy Center. Dr. Choi is very thorough and detailed and I felt very fortunate to find such a well qualified physician to perform my colonoscopy. Every step of the procedure went very smooth and I was very relieved that I got a good report. I would recommed Dr. Choi to anyone seeking a well qualified Doctor and Staff to perform their colonoscopy. There were no hidden charges...


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 Dr. Choi is a fantastic doctor. Since I first came to him everything went so smoothly and correctly. I was nervous and I could have left if the staff had not been so understanding and helpful. The procedure was painless. I can recommend Dr. Choi to anyone, he is a outstanding doctor with a great experience.


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 After I made an appointment to go see him, I was astounded by his professionalism, thoroughness, and dedication. All I wanted was a colonoscopy, but he went over my entire medical history including blood tests over the past 5 years!!!. Following my initial visit and exam, we set up for colonoscopy for the following week. The colonoscopy itself went very smoothly. Despite my trepidation, I did not feel a thing. The only difficult part, as he notes in the video and preparation instruction, is the prep. The exam itself was piece of cake. I know there are many out there who need to go have a colonoscopy, but are concerned about the quality of exam, or the cost of the procedure, as I did. I know Dr. Choi will provide the quality exam at an affordable price. He is the person to go see if you need to have a colonoscopy. Thanks.


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 The most pleasant experience I've ever had at a doctors office. The staff was friendly, and helpful. I was extremely satisfied with the entire process including the procedure. I couldn't be happier. I'd HIGHLY recommend Dr. Paul M. Choi to anyone.


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 Dr. Choi is an outstanding doctor! He really cares for his patients and it shows. He took out my polyps in no time and I feel great. And it costs fraction of Bevery Hills doctors. Highly recommended!!!


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  I never write reviews but I had a procedure done here last week and am compelled to add my two cents. The entire staff at the Endoscopy Center epitomizes everything that is right with health care. They are caring, professional and so kind. If anyone is at all hesitant about these types of procedures, don't be! Lovely facility, lovely peoples.


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 I would absolutely recommend Dr. Paul M. Choi to any of my friends and family. During my appointment, he was helpful in answering all my questions. The facility that he practices out of is very clean and tidy. Dr. Choi was thorough and professional. I was in and out of my appointment right on time. Such a lovely experience! Highly Recommended.


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  Dr. Paul M. Choi is truly the best out there!!! He is extremely intelligent and highly qualified. He is also kind and caring. It is clear the moment you walk into his office that he is full of vitality and is there to help you to his utmost ability. I had the best experience in a doctor's office in over 10 years! Go see Dr. Choi if you need a colonoscopy.


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 They paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered. Their staff was friendly... I was very satisfied with my visit. They were helpful and I left feeling encouraged. The office was easy enough to find. I'll definitely be going back. I didn't have a bad experience. He is very much caring of his patients


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  Dr. Choi is a very caring and professional person ... From what I've seen in my past this is truly a dedication that you will hardly get to see in this day and age...


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