The Gastric Balloon Journey

Like many expeditions, the Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Programs have key stages which you will follow on your weight loss journey.

Preparation. Placement. Recovery.


The first consultation with your doctor will involve discussions about:

  • Your medical history
  • Your previous attempts at losing weight
  • Your personal goals
  • Your commitment to the program
  • How comfortable you feel about the whole process

Once you begin a Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Program, you’ll be meeting with our professional support team who will guide you through the principles that will become the basis of your success.


On the day of the procedure, we will prepare you for the endoscopic placement of the gastric balloon. The placement takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes, after which patients are monitored by specialists in the recovery bay.

You will be lightly sedated while the deflated gastric balloon is inserted into your stomach through your mouth. Immediately following the placement of the balloon, it is filled with sterile saline.

You will remain in the office under observation for a minimum of two hours or until your doctor discharges you into the care of another person.

This is generally an uncomplicated process. Nevertheless, over the first few days post-procedure you may experience gastric discomfort, nausea and vomiting as the digestive system adjusts to the presence of the gastric balloon.

As with any medical procedure, you need to be aware of any possible complications. You doctor will advise you what to look out for.

Some important things to organize beforehand are:

  • No solid foods or liquids 12 hours prior to the procedure
  • Arrange to have someone with you when you return home
  • Stock your kitchen with the necessary post-procedure foods and liquids as instructed by your dietician
  • Plan for at least 48-72 hours of inactivity after the procedure.


In the first few days following the procedure, you may feel uncomfortable as the stomach gets used to the presence of the Gastric Balloon.

Predictable side effects most patients experience include nausea, vomiting and gastric discomfort over the first week. These symptoms can be managed by the prescriptions provided by your doctor. These conditions are normal and should be expected.

Your doctor will provide strict instructions for your hydration regimen during this period. It is critical that you drink plenty of water during the first few days and avoid eating any solid foods.

You’ll be restricted to a liquid diet for the first three days, which might include: Juices, milk, thin soups or broths and/or gelatin. The following foods will need to be avoided: Coffee, fizzy drinks, fatty foods, chocolate and ice cream.

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