The ReShape™ dual-intragastric balloon

The ReShape™ dual-intragastric balloon is placed into the stomach, with an endoscopic procedure that does not involve any incisions, cut, or sutures. This device also does not change or alter one's anatomy. There is no scar to worry about. This ReShape™ balloon remains in the stomach for six months, serving as portion control device which allows the individual to remain full with less food. During the journey, the individual work with dieticians, doctors, and nurses to get used to a healthy diet and adopt exercise habits to help them beyond the treatment period.

Why a dual-balloon?

  • Weight loss: Filled with an evenly distributed 900cc of saline to occupy more volume than the 400-700 typical of single balloons, without over-distending the stomach
  • Tolerability: Designed to conform better to the stomach’s natural curvature than a single balloon for improved tolerability
  • Safety: Dual-balloon design mitigates risk of migration and obstruction

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