The Orbera™ Managed Weight Loss Program

The Orbera™ Managed Weight Loss System consists of a single soft, expandable balloon that is inserted into the stomach to create a feeling of early and prolonged fullness after and between meals. The device itself is a soft silicone balloon that is inserted through your mouth in a deflated state and then inflated with sterile saline. There is no surgery, cut, or scar to worry about. The balloon is designed to remain in place for a maximum of six months.

The Orbera™ Managed Weight Loss System is:

  • Suitable for those with a BMI range of 30-40 who want to lose 25 to 40 lbs*
  • The most widely used gastric balloon on the market today
  • Accompanied by 12 months of support from both a dietitian and psychologist
  • Administered by an experienced medical team that has already helped over 10,000 people with weight loss
  • A clinically accepted treatment for weight loss with excellent results across Europe, Australia, Asia and South America.

The Orbera™ Managed Weight Loss System helps you to achieve better portion control, and coupled with a low fat diet and real exercise, helps you to achieve and sustain your weight loss goals.

Before and during the process, we will work closely with you to customize a diet plan which will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

*Weight loss results vary from person to person.

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