How does the Stomach Balloon Work?

The ReShape™ and Orbera™ gastric balloons are soft, expandable balllons that are inserted into the stomach to provide a feeling of fullness and satiety. These gastric balloons provide a jump start to a gradual weight loss for those who have tried other options. They are ideal solutions if you are looking to lose up to 70lbs* of excess weight, but are not willing to undergo a more radical option of surgery, have unsuccessfully tried diets, pills, and other weight loss programs that just does not produce results. The device itself is a soft silicone balloon that is inserted in a deflated state into the stomach and then inflated with a saline solution through a self-sealing valve once in the stomach. The intragastric balloon is designed to remain in place for a maximum of six months.

The ReShape™ and Orbera™ gastric balloon program options are designed to help you jump start your weight loss plan, allowing you to lose weight that can then be maintained through sustainable lifestyle changes.

Dr. Paul M. Choi is a board-certified gastroenterologist who is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. He was recently voted by patients as one of the Top Ten Gastroenterologists in California. Dr. Choi is one of the first physicians certified in the United States to administer the procedure.

*Weight loss results vary from person to person.

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