Let us help you lose unwanted pounds

With the newly FDA-approved
ReShape™, Orbera™ or 
Obalon™ gastric balloons,
you can start your weight loss program 
and lose up to 70lbs* in weight,
without any incision or surgery
for as low as $199/month or
the cost of gym membership!

Do you want to lose weight?

You can kick start your weight loss and lose up to 70lbs* within six months with the newly FDA-approved ReShape™ and Orbera™ gastric balloons without any incision or surgery.

*Weight loss results may vary from person to person.
Losing weight is not only about
dieting and exercising,
it’s also about maintaining a lifestyle change.
ReShape™ and Orbera™ gastric balloon programs can
kickstart your weight loss plans
with added support from
medical and dietary staff.

Get ready to start your weight loss journey now

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