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We strive to ensure that the colonoscopy procedure provided at the L.A. Endoscopy Center is simply the best available anywhere. We offer the lowest rate at the most conveniently located, licensed facility performed by the best gastroenterologist. Here are some questions and answers that you may find helpful as you decide on how to proceed with colonoscopy.

Question: Are there any hidden charges? 

Our fees for endoscopic procedures including colonoscopy is ALL INCLUSIVE and is the LOWEST fee available anywhere! We guarantee that there will not be a hidden charge or unpleasant surprise. The procedure is performed by a board-certified gastroenterologist in each and every case. The flat rate fee includes initial physician consultation by a GI specialist; anesthesia; all supplies including medications and intravenous fluid; nursing and ancillary services; physician fees including taking a biopsy (tissue sampling) and removing of polyps, if necessary; and official endoscopy report.  A formal report of endoscopy will be mailed to the designated primary care physician within 24 hours, or provided to the patient at the time of departure.


Our price for colonoscopy does not include a third-party processing, review, and reporting of biopsy or pathology specimen, if required.


Question: What is not covered in the colonoscopy price?

Our colonoscopy rate is $750 flat. The charge includes all aspect of colonoscopy performed by GI doctor. However, if biopsy is performed (for example if cancer is found), or large polyp is removed and sent out to an outside laboratory for an independent pathologic consultation, there will be an additional nominal charge of $150 per specimen (our cost). In these cases, a separate pathologic report will be provided, once the specimen has been carefully reviewed by an outside board-certified pathologist.


Question: How much does colonoscopy cost in Los Angeles?

For price comparison, click the following external link for the list of current quotes on colonoscopy through out Los Angeles:

Price of Colonoscopy in Los Angeles


Question: Why is your price so low compared to others?

Undoubtly, our price is truly beyond comparison. We are able to bring this incredible cost savings to you because we are able to drastically eliminate unnecessary administrators, bureaucracy, red tapes, and inefficiency of big institution by being small and efficient. In addition, we are not burdened by an ornate waiting lobby or exhorbitant leases common for facillities located in areas like Beverly Hills or Westside. We are also highly focused and concentrated in performing endoscopic procedures, only. We have also trimmed our margin to a bare minimum. But most importantly, we are dedicated and committed in providing this life-saving screening procedure to as many individuals as we possibly are able to. 


Question: What kind of quality of care can I expect? 

We are staffed by personnel who are fully trained and licensed. We each have over 20 years of experiences in the discipline, and have performed over 30,000 colonoscopies. Furthermore, we have met and satisfied the exacting standards of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Question: What form of payments do you accept?

We accept payments in the form of cash or money order to permit our very low fee structure. As a result, we are unable to accept personal check or credit card as a form of payment.


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