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What is an Upper Endoscopy?

ImageUpper endoscopy is a diagnostic medical procedure used to evaluate the lining of upper intestinal tract including the esophagus, stomach and first portion of small intestine called, duodenum. The upper endoscopy is minimally invasive and is performed using a thin, pencil-sized tube a camera attached to it.

This procedure is traditionally performed by a gastroenterologist, a GI specialist with special training in gastroenterology. During upper endoscopy, the entire lining of the upper intestinal tract including the esophagusstomach, and duodenum are carefully examined. The procedure allows not only a visualization of the lining of upper intestinal tract, but allows capturing of images as well as sampling of tissue, when necessary.

Upper endoscopy is performed under mild sedation and is painless. Taking a sample tissue when performed is also associated with no discomfort. Complications associated with upper endoscopy are extremely rare but may include perforation of intestinal wall. If this occurs, surgery may be necessary to repair the injury.


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