Sigmoidoscopy Instruction

Sigmoidoscopy Instruction:

Please make sure that you have purchased 2 or 3 Fleets Enemas (this medication does not require prescription) prior to starting the preparation for your sigmoidoscopy.

Fleet Enema
1. Fleets Enemas should be administered at home. The enema should be held for 15 minutes before going to the bathroom. Two Fleets enemas should be given 15 minutes apart. If the second enema does not result in clear liquid output, a third enema should be administered to ensure optimal preparation of your bowel. You should complete these enemas at home, right before you leave for our office for the scheduled appointment.

2. Arrive 15-30 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

3. You should be able to eat regular food without any restriction before and after the examination unless instructed otherwise.

4. You should also be able to perform all daily activities including driving, cooking, walking, and all other daily functions.


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