Colonoscopy Instruction

Colonoscopy Instruction

Please make sure that you have purchased 1) a bottle of Golytely or equivalent (requires prescription) and 2) two Fleets Enemas (do not require prescription) and 3) four Dulcolax tablets, prior to starting the preparation for your colonoscopy.
Colonoscopy Prep Medications
1. Stop all solid food the day before the examination including breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Clear or transparent liquids including broth, water, and soft drinks such as 7-Up and Sprite are O.K. No solid food is permissible.)
2. Please avoid any food that contains seed such as kiwi, cucumber, watermelon, tomato, zucchini, grapes for 5 days prior to the examination.

3. If you are taking blood thinner(s) such as coumadin, Effient, Eliquis, Lovenox, Plavix or Xarelto, you may need to discontinue these medications days before and after the examination. You should always confirm with your physician whether you need to do so with your physician. You should also inform either Dr. Choi or staff whether you routinely require antibiotic prophylaxis prior to dental procedure, as you may require antibiotic administered prior to colonoscopy. 

4. On the day prior to the examination, please take two (2) Dulcolax tablets at 12 noon and remaining two (2) tablets at 2pm.
5. On the day before the examination, start Golytely at 3:00 P.M. Golytely should be taken 1 cup every 10 minute until the entire bottle is finished.

6. Do not eat any solid food for the entire day, until the examination is completed the next day. However, it is always permissible to drink water or clear liquid, if desired.

7. Fleets Enema should be given at home (Two should be administered, particularly if the result from the first enema is not clear), before coming in for the examination.

8. Arrive 15-30 minutes before the appointment.

9. Have some one available to accompany the patient home after the examination. (It is not safe for the patient to drive home right after the examination due to the medication used during the examination.)

10. You should be able to eat regular food without any restriction after the examination unless instructed otherwise.


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